Wednesday, October 16, 2013

November Drop and READ!

Cover of "Westing Game"
Cover of Westing Game
Hi Everyone:)
It was so wonderful connecting with you all on Blackboard this month!  I was impressed with all of your technical and collaborative skills!  Thank you for the awesome discussion on the two books we read by Deb Ellis,  and also the comparison between first and third world countries.

Our next book club read is The Westing Game.  We will meet on November the 113th @1.45 pm.  Here is the link to sign into the classroom:

I hope you have all been able to find a copy of this book in your local library.  We have a couple ordered for the physical commons, but I could not get an e book for this one.  As we read the book I would love it if you could share on a blog,  that we have set up as a sharing space on Blogger called Global Book Reviews HCS and NDG!  I will start posting my posts there as well and then we can start asking questions and responding as we read.  In order to share a post I will need to invite you to this blog as an author?  You will need to have a gmail account to do so.   Sign into Google and set up your profile.  Please make sure you have your parent's consent! Please send me your gmail address and I will add you to the blog as an author.  Then you will be able to comment and add your own posts if you feel led to write about a particular part of the book that appealed to you:)  I will start sharing as I read the book.  At this stage I am not sure if NDG will be reading our book but this is a start and we will definitely connect on one of the books;)

  The school who shares this blog with us is to be found in Guernsey England. To find out more about their school read this article. Last year we had a wonderful collaboration re picture books in the Chocolate Lily and Kate Greenaway Awards, and then a final discussion online using Blackboard.  We also hope to involve some of our campus classmates in Kelowna in the new year.

I look forward to receiving your gmail address and whether you will be allowed to be part of this blogging adventure?  Also there will be a prize for best sharing at our next Blackboard session.  This can be sharing orally or in writing.  One of the ways book club students like to share is by writing book reviews.  So feel free if sharing on the blog or another blog to share a book review of what you are reading.  I will post to my book club blog as well under Reviews.  You might want to read some of the awesome book reviews that have gone before you;)

Many blessings and happy reading!
Mrs Davies.

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