Friday, February 14, 2014

Chocolate Lily Celebrations!

Hello everyone:)

Thank you to all our bloggers and book reviews this past month.  We enjoyed sharing and reading your thoughts and opinion on the two past reads Hunter and Racing Home!  I was delighted to see some of the excellent writing developing amongst our bloggers, as they learn how to capture the attention of a reader and make them want to read more. To read the blog reviews go to this page here.  Congratulations to Angus and Bekah for winning book reviewing prizes this month!

 I am also thrilled at the level of open ended questions that encourage collaboration on Blackboard.  Our students are all becoming excellent moderators and worthy of teacher status!  Congratulations to Melody for getting a good conversation going on Hunter.

Winning students please share with me your email address so I can send your prizes?

If you still have a book review or comment to add to our HCS NDG Blog please go on and encourage your friends or share your opinions on this page here.  Alternately you can share your review in word document and I will add to the blogs.

Sadly we are on to our last leg of Book club for this term :)

I have ordered some of the CHOCOLATE LILY selection in our e library, and we have double copies of the books in our physical commons. The books in our e library include Maggies Chopsticks and Big City Bees.  You can order the other physical copies via Canpar and our catalogue at L4U.  So with that in place I am happy to announce the next stage of our learning...

We will have one more meeting to discuss the winner of the Chocolate Lily books in late May as well as our author read earlier on May 7th, where we hope to encourage all book club participation.  But in the meantime I encourage you to take out the books and share your review on the HCS NDG blog or share with me and I will post.  I will let you know more re our meeting date as we connect with our campus library students and other book clubs.

We are very excited to have famous Canadian authoress April Dueck come and share her writing gifts with the Red Cedar nominated book Racing Home on May 7th at 1.45 pm.  It is going to be a tough choice to decide the winner of the Red Cedar nominees, but I think my votes are for Catboy and Racing Home.  How about you?

Blessings and Happy Valentines Day!
Pippa Davies