Thursday, November 21, 2013

December Read

Hello everyone,

What a great session we enjoyed last week with our first moderators rising to the challenge to ask questions on our read, The Westing Game, and our first two book reviews!  Prizes went to Gabrielle, Kennedy and Nathan this time.  Congrats!

Our next meeting is on Dec 11th @1.45 pm and we are reading Catboy by Eric Walters.  We have several copies of the e book in our e library.  So you don't need to purchase ;)  I have also purchased a copy of Atticus Claw Breaks the Law for our E library.  This book is being read by our British counterparts, and I hope some of you will read too.  Please feel free to read and comment on this one on the blogs.

Here is our link for our next meeting!

I look forward to seeing book reviews, or blog posts/video trailers on our NDG blog if you are interested in collaborating with the other schools?  It should be great fun!  Let me know if you need help and we can schedule a time to screen share if you want to make a video or blog post:)  Or you can send me your post and I will add to the site.

I pray that the start of the Advent season brings joy and special memories to you and your families.