Wednesday, March 6, 2013

April Swiss Family survival!

Thank you God and my awesome Book club students for a great session today!  I loved hearing from all of you, with the questions posted re Swiss Family Robinson and Robinson Crusoe; the wonderful collaboration, on outdoor survival and the sharing of book reviews and Prezi by Zion, Ayrelea and Denise.  They are posted here.  I think we were all wowed by what a great literary and techie group we have! Thanks also to Jenessa for joining our group and blessing us with her encouragement.  We missed our few members who could not make the session.

Zion and Aryelea won for their techie presentation on Prezi.  Tyler won for best contribution on his outdoor list sharing and reasoning for duct tape!   Denise won for best review this month, please send me your word doc Denise?  Everyone who contributed in the discussion raised important points, and brought some encouraging comments to the fore.   Now some of the names I have shared may have already received a prize.  If that is the case please let me know?  Also if you have not received a prize after being told you were going to get one, please let me know.

You might be interested in finding out the list of survival ideas your students brought to the emergency list.  Here are the essentials:

1.  Bible
2.  Fire lighter of some kind
3.  Tarp for cover
4.  Family or friends.
5.  First aid kit and antibiotics
6.  Food of some kind
7.  Twine or duct tape.
8.  Hatchet and knife and stone for sharpening.
9.  Weapons
10.  Pot for cooking and collecting water.

We have one more session left in book club and that is for our author read and discussion.  I am collaborating with author Eric Walters, to see if he will be available to join us for a live webinar.  If this pans out we will need to read one of his books.  Soooo with that in mind I am going to let you decide which one of his books to read.  Here is a list of his potential goodies!

The Bully Boys.

Caged Eagles



Fly Boy

The Pole

We will need to have read one of his books to be able to ask him relevant questions.  Please let me know which book you are reading;)

I will let you know more about a date for our next meeting once I have spoken to Eric.  I will know more  towards the end of the spring break.  Our session will hopefully be in April.

Enjoy your holidays and see you all soon on skype, the ning or collaborize!

Many blessings
Pippa Davies

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