Friday, March 9, 2012

Next meeting April 18th

Hello Everyone,

It was wonderful catching up with you all,  and hearing Kiara come on for her first time all the way from Athens.  1.30 in the morning is a special time on book club!! Thanks once again to everyone for such awesome sharing!

 I loved hearing how much you enjoyed the books, how you made your book club trailers,  and reviews. It was great to connect and hopefully you can all make the next meeting on April 18th?

To check out the most recent reviews go to our review page

 EragonImage via Wikipedia Our next book club read is Eragon chosen by our poll on Collaborize Classroom.  Please note there are copies of this book in public libraries as well as in our E library.  Those of you who have already read can move on to Alexandria of Africa by Eric Walters,  and if we have time to discuss both we will do so.

Please RSVP to let me know if this time works for you and I will make the link for our classroom.

Many Blessings and Happy spring break!
Mrs Davies
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